Monday, 27 April 2009

Mail - still can't stand Jonathan Ross

Was June Brown aka Dot Cotton humiliated at last night's BAFTA's? She was nominated but didn't win. Does that constitute a humiliation?

The answer is no, of course not. So when Jonathan Ross is nominated and doesn't win, is he 'humiliated'? Well, according to the Mail, he is.

It's unsurprising that they would make a big deal out of him not winning after their endless campaign against him following the 'Sachsgate' over-reaction. But whereas June Brown was 'overlooked', he is 'humiliated' and 'snubbed'.

The Mail claims: 'The decision suggests that some of his peers have grown tired of his antics in the wake of the Andrew Sachs affair.' In fact Harry Hill won the 'best entertainment performer' award both for the second year running, so it doesn't actually prove any such thing.

His red carpet quote that: 'There are certain members of the Press who may have an agenda against the BBC and me perhaps,' at least shows the Mail knows when it is being talked about. And there's nothing like a bitter tabloid to keep a feud going.

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