Thursday, 9 April 2009

Jade - back from the dead!

The terror arrests did at least knock Jade off the front page of the Star for the first time in...ages. Certainly their last 6 lead stories were 'about' Jade but it probably goes back even further than that.

And as if desperation hadn't already set-in, the 8 April lead was a classic piece of Daily Star bullshit.

Jade's back in BB. But she's dead. What the hell are they on about? Are they going to exhume her body for one of the tasks? Well, no...

Big Brother bosses want one of Jade Goody’s closest pals to star in the new series so her “fantastic spirit can live on for ever in the house”. Celebrity-obsessed Scouser Jaiden Micheal, 25, is “nailed on” to be one of the 14 contestants entering the BB10 house in June. He is already being tipped by producers as hot favourite to win the reality show.

Of course, the last time Jade's 'fantastic spirit' was in the house, it led to the Shilpa-gate racist bullying fiasco. The producers want to re-live that? Unlikely...

And who is this guy anyway? The Star calls him 'would-be celeb blogger and reality show star' which suggests he's got no talent but been in Heat a few times. He's been on a Living TV show called Diet and Dancing apparently, and is in PR. Great to have a front page splash for him then.

I may end up looking foolish but I'll say here and now there is no chance that this is going to happen.

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