Tuesday, 21 April 2009

How they aren't related

Like something from the Private Eye's 'How they are related' column, The Sun makes an effort to avoid saying that Dick Best's racist comment about Delon Armitage was made on Sky Sports News (owned, like The Sun, by Murdoch):

Rugby coach in TV racist slur

TOP rugby coach Dick Best’s reputation was in tatters last night after he made a racist remark about an England ace on live TV.

The former British Lions boss was asked to name the team he would send on the up-coming tour of South Africa.

He picked Trinidad-born Delon Armitage ahead of Ireland winger Tommy Bowe.

He was asked why and — thinking his microphone was turned off — said: “Well, you’ve always got to have a coloured boy in the team somewhere.”

Sky Sports News presenter Mike Wedderburn, who is black, looked shocked.

Co-host Millie Clode apologised.

Last night Armitage refused to comment. A spokesman for The Telegraph, for which Best has written columns, said: “We have no plans to use him in future.”

Ex-soccer boss Ron Atkinson made a similar mic mistake and ended his TV career in 2004 by calling Chelsea ace Marcel Desailly “a lazy n****r”.

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