Monday, 13 April 2009

Not revising = bad exam results exclusive

Here's some shock news from the Daily Mail - students who spend a lot of time doing other things when they should be revising don't do so well in exams.

This is the stunning conclusion of this story: Pupils who spend time on Facebook do worse in exams, study shows. It's based on some academic research, although this is the type of stating-the-bleeding-obvious stuff that gives academic research a bad name.

This is the latest in the Mail's bizarre anti-Facebook obsession. First it gave you cancer. Then it rotted the brains of children. Now it makes you crap in exams.

In fact, the research was based only on university students, and I don't think anyone calls them pupils, as the headline does. There are lots of things you can call uni students, but pupils isn't one of them. But using this word makes it seem like your children are at risk. Again.

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