Thursday, 30 April 2009

Mail points and stares at lesbian

The Mail has some mild homophobia of its own today, in an article about Kelly McGillis coming out as a lesbian. At time of writing, this is their main picture story on their homepage. How anyone coming out is considered important news these days is surprising (OK, not including the Pope). But how it becomes one of the main stories of the day when it's a 51 year old actress who hasn't made a big film for nearly 25 years, I don't know.

What's baffling is this line: In 2000, she further fuelled speculation when she filmed a lesbian sex scene in 2000 thriller The Monkey's Mask. Apart from the inept use of 2000, how is someone doing a same-sex sex scene 'fuelling speculation'? I haven't noticed any 'speculation' that Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor are gay after they kissed in I Love You Phillip Morris.

When will these papers grow up about gay issues?

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  1. so true, you'd think, with all the influence these crappy papers have over the typical joe bloggs characters who buy them; they'd spread a good, moral message into their sheep, sorry customers, rather than keep up the same old derogatory myths about gays, muslims, labour party members etc...


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