Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Mail runs extended ad to Playboy

What is going on with this story about Jodie Marsh on the Mail website today? Since when did the Daily Mail spend so much time praising and advertising Playboy?

In a 675 word article, they mention Playboy 8 times. From the story:

The greatest surprise of all, however, comes with the discovery of exactly who has toned down her usual 'style' so tastefully - it's the team from Playboy.
The photos were taken for the launch of to show that behind the glamour girl image and layers of make-up is a pretty young woman.
She told Playboy: 'My glamour girl image worked for me when I wanted to be known as a party girl but my new image says a lot more about the different sides of me.
For the Playboy shoot, she was given a soft fringe and her hair was dyed coppery-brunette.
She said: 'Playboy have given me a very elegant look and my hair is back to its natural colour which I think really suits me'.
She told Playboy: 'Once men meet me they realise that I'm more fun and intelligent than they may have thought'.

There are also two captions:

Sexy shoot: Jodie describes her Playboy look as 'classy and sophisticated'

Virginal beauty: Jodie Marsh looks almost innocent in this shot for Playboy

And, on top of all that, seven photos from the Playboy shoot, everyone carrying the bunny head logo.

I'm not sure how this extended advert fits in with the Mail's general attitude towards sex, and including not just the URL of the Playboy site but actually having it as a clickable link is very strange. Especially after they were telling us how awful porn was.

And a few years ago, they said this about Jodie Marsh:

Critics in the past have poured scorn over the glamour model for deluging young women with false values and aspirations. Many argued she is encouraging young fans to perceive her as an enviable example of how exploiting looks and sexuality can prove an easy ticket to fame and wealth.

Exploiting someone else's looks and sexuality for readers and website hits is, however, fine...

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