Monday, 6 April 2009

Mail likes teen girls (cont.)

After calling a 14 year old girl 'stunning' a week ago, the Mail is now leering over a 16 year old girl. This time it's Miley Cyrus who is 'growing up fast' - which is a fairly sleazy euphemism. She appeared at the Academy of Country Music Awards in a 'revealing evening dress' that 'flashed some leg and back', eventhough it's not a very revealing dress at all. She 'looked years older than 16', they leer.

In fact, when not being pervy, the story is comparing Cyrus' dress with that of Nicole Kidman, making out that the former had on a 'less modest' dress. But both are wearing a floor-length gowns with a split in the leg, and while one has her whole back out, the other has her shoulder and part of her back out. There doesn't seem that much difference really...

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