Saturday 24 October 2009

Diana again (sorry)

Today's Express screams: Diana: New Sensation.

Really? A sensation? A new sensation?

Is she alive?

No. Still dead, apparently.

So, sigh, what is it this time?

Apparently, a civil court in Paris has ruled that there were:

'unnecessary delays' in investigating a mix-up over controversial blood tests.

Accordingly, the Court of Grand Instance fined the French Republic £5,000 to be paid to Mohammed Al Fayed (he had wanted one million). The Express still quotes him favourably:

'It is a major step towards uncovering the truth about what really happened that night. I am delighted that the French court has recognised that I have been denied justice.'

They didn't recognise any such thing, but the Express doesn't both to challenge that statement. But ummm haven't we been through all this before - several times over? Why can't the Express just leave this alone?

Richard Palmer and Peter Allen's story begins:

Senior French officials who investigated Princess Diana’s death were blamed for a cover-up yesterday in a dramatic court ruling which condemned them for failing to check whether vital evidence was forged.

Ah - a 'cover-up'. That again. Except, it was more of a cock-up than 'cover-up' and the article contains a quote that proves they weren't blamed for the latter:

In their ruling, published yesterday, the French judges maintained that, although there had been 'formal mistakes', they 'had no long-term repercussions on the revealing of the truth'.

Still, at least sticking nonsense about Diana on the front page means we are spared the BNP slogans or disgraceful scaremongering about Muslims. At least Diana conspiracies are harmless lying in comparison.

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