Friday, 2 October 2009

Mail doesn't apologise to Dale and denies homophobia

As mentioned by Jamie at the Daily Quail, it appeared that Peter McKay had apologised to Iain Dale over yesterday's Ephraim Hardcastle piece. But Dale now says that was in fact a hoax. Instead we have a follow-up comment in the Hardcastle column today:

Tory blogger Iain Dale complains about an item here yesterday. I mentioned that Dale, who is gay, is hoping to become the Tory candidate at Bracknell, Berkshire, and invited subscribers to PinkNews, the homosexual website, to attend the open primary on October 17, saying: 'You don't even have to be a Conservative to attend.' Dale says my comment - 'Isn't it charming how homosexuals rally likeminded chaps to their cause?' - is homophobic, as is my description of him as 'overtly gay'. He has complained to the Press Complaints Commission, and suggested his readers email complaints. I have nothing against Dale. Nor am I homophobic. But if he wants to become an MP, surely he'll have to become a little less sensitive. Incidentally, the Tories are having their first gay pride event at their Manchester conference next week. They'll promote a new 'gay-friendly' logo, Conservative Pride. Isn't life grand?

The question for McKay/Hardcastle, if he wants to deny homophobia, is this: would you have referred to straight people 'rallying likeminded chaps to the cause?'

Answer: almost certainly not.

He might also want to get a job on a different newspaper.

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