Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Mail's obsession with Kim and Suri continues

The Mail website's ludicrous obsession with Kim Kardashian hits a new low.

She has made two appearances there in the last few days. On 9 October, she went outside wearing clothes. This was so important the Mail had to report on it. They didn't even care that two of the four pictures used were out of focus. They were using them anyway.

Two days later she was out at some awards event and so they included a pic of her - and other dressed up celebrities - in their important coverage.

But today's excuse to get Kim Kardashian into any story going really is a jaw-dropper:

Is Kym Marsh turning into Kim Kardashian?

Errr, no, probably not. The infamous Daily Mail Reporter continues:

As Kym Marsh filmed court scenes for Coronation Street yesterday, her outfit couldn't have been more demure.

But the black polo neck and knee-length skirt couldn't disguise the va va voom effect of newly single Kym's post-surgery figure.

Her hour-glass shape is as impressive as that of famously curvy U.S. reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

And that is it. There is no other mention of La Kardashian in the article, which is mainly about Kym Marsh having bigger boobs.

It's just a totally gratuitous mention of a woman they keep gratuitously mentioning because they know she boosts their website traffic.

And that can only be the reason they are following the every move of another person - Suri Cruise.

Yesterday, the three-year old girl was walking down the street with her mum, wearing a pink dress and carrying an empty coffee cup. The Mail wanted everyone to know.

Before that, she was playing hide and seek in 'a green patterned maxi dress and red shoes'. The Mail wanted everyone to know. Twice.

On 10 October, she was on the film set where Tom Cruise was shooting his latest movie. The Mail wanted everyone to know.

Two days before, she was out getting an ice cream. Three year old wants ice cream! The Mail wanted everyone to know.

The day after that, she was snapped outside, dressed in clothes. The Mail wanted everyone to know.

In that article, Mail journalist Richard Price called her a

strikingly pretty toddler

but warned:

rather more disturbingly, she is wearing lipstick. Of course, all little girls are fascinated by make-up, so perhaps this was a one-off treat for a child desperate to imitate her glamorous mother.

Yet Suri has been routinely wearing nail polish for well over a year now. Fast forward to another recent shopping trip and the lipstick has gone.

So the lipstick was there, and then it wasn't. Big news indeed.

What's really 'disturbing' is the Mail's obsession with a three-year old girl. Of course, given her parents, she's going to get attention, but six news-free stories in seven days is beyond belief.

But Suri Cruise, like Kim Kardashian, adds traffic from America. As website editor Martin 'news is far more important to us than showbiz' Clarke knows all too well.

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