Tuesday, 13 October 2009

No oppression under the Nazis, says idiot comment on today's Littlejohn column

In the comments section of today's Littlejohn column, there is the following exchange:

John, Bristol, 12/10/2009 23:08:

You keep referring to stories about the policies of isolated councils or groups of councils, and suggesting that that means the entire country is subject to state oppression. It simply isn't so. If you had lived under a regime like Zimbabwe or Communist Russia or Nazi Germany you would know what real state oppression is, and you would realise how totally inappropriate it is to suggest that that is anything close to the reality of life in Britain today.

Pete, Essex, 13/10/2009 9:12

John Bristol - "If you had lived under a regime like Zimbabwe or Communist Russia or Nazi Germany you would know what real state oppression is"" And you have lived under these regimes have you? No, I thought not. Clown.

John, Bristol, 13/10/2009 10:03

Right, Pete, Essex, so no-one has any knowledge of what it is like to live under real state oppression unless they have personally experienced it, do they? We have to ignore the testimony of the millions of witnesses who have, do we? Why do you even bother to read newspapers if that is what you think? There's only one clown here, Pete, and this message is addressed directly to him.

Pete, Essex, 13/10/2009 10:55

John, Bristol - Yes that is right. You really haven't got a clue have you or are too blind/naive to see what is happening in this country. Oh and the last time I looked the Nazi''s were voted into power by a democratic election so that is hardly oppression is it?


  1. I've always loved that argument. All it proves is that the Weimar Republic wasn't oppressive.

  2. in the words of littlejohn, "you couldn't make it up".

  3. Oh and by the way, the Nazis may have been LEGALLY put in power but they were never democratically VOTED into power. That's what my useless A-Levels taught me. If I have to say that one more damn time...

  4. Also, weren't New Labour voted into power by a democratic election as well? Three times more than Hitler, as well.

  5. oh my god - unbelievable! and yes i remember learning that victoria.
    so - just because we don't have direct experience of something means we should ignore it? well, richard littlejohn doesn't live in the UK anymore does he? so perhaps he should stop writing about it...ha ha.

    it is so frightening that people think attitudes like that are ok

  6. What he's really saying is how dare anyone state an opinion which doesn't coincide with his opinion. Because wittering on about something you've no personal experience of (c.f. Littlejohn) is just fine if we agree with it.


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