Friday, 16 October 2009

What Jan Moir said about Peter Mandelson

A couple of weeks before she became (in)famous for the dreadful bigoted tripe she wrote about Stephen Gately, Jan Moir came up with some bizarre imaginary attraction between Peter Mandelson and George Osborne.

Is it just me or is there a volcanic sexual tension bubbling under the crust of the fraught relationship between Lord Mandelson and Shadow Chancellor George Osborne?

Once again, it's just you, Jan. She continued:

So as they both clip-clop up this Brokeback Mountain of mutual political desire, my fanciful homoerotic narrative buried deep and unknown in their respective saddles, we can be sure of one thing. It will all end in tears.

George Osborne, it should be noted, is married. But frankly, what the hell is she on about?

But when she turns to describing Mandelson in detail, those 'undertones' (ahem) of homophobia raise their head again:

Mandelson seems more ebullient than ever before, intoxicated with himself and his own fabulousness.

With his blue suede shoes, his peach mansion and his green tea devotionals, he is like a rock star camping it up on a farewell tour.

'Fabulousness'! Green tea'! 'Camping it up'! Because he's gay!

And then, in a phrase she probably found in the same book as Amanda Platell's 'chocolate labrador' remark:

It is as if, after all these years of clawing his way up the soil pipe of politics, the psychologically astute Mandelson has suddenly realised that lots of people don't like him.

'Soil pipe of politics'! Because he's gay!

That's the work of the same Jan Moir who denies being homophobic or a bigot. Thankfully, today she has been exposed.


  1. Excellent finding! This really is becoming a hilarious exposure of Jan Moir

  2. That's shocking

  3. Jan Moir's vision of what it's like to be gay must be highly organised. They're probably all scheduled to sleep with each other on some kind of rota. Or at least, the famous ones are.

  4. 'The psychologically astute Mandelson has suddenly realised that lots of people don't like him' - if only we could say the same for some Daily Mail contributers.


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