Monday, 19 October 2009

Mail has amnesia as it complains about 'fatism'

Lead story on the Mail website at time of writing is this:

Imagine that. Picking on someone just because they might be bigger than stick thin. The Mail is right to be outraged.

It's not as if the Mail would do such bullying. Like accusing a 9 stone woman of having 'blubber'.

Or calling Britney Spears fat with 'thick arms and thighs' and telling her it's 'time for a diet', saying John Travolta is 'obese' or describing Leona Lewis as 'dumpy'.

And the Mail certainly wouldn't dream of calling someone 'imperfect' because they have 'piled on the pounds' and have a 'cellulite riddled physique'.

'Horrific' indeed.

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  1. The column about Stephen Gately's death which has been getting all the attention this weekend also included a piece about how dumpy the Nolan Sisgters hbave become...


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