Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mail points at and laughs at the 'blubber' on 9st woman

Big Brother winner Sophie Reade has done a photoshoot for Ann Summers today. She's blonde, got big breasts, and was on a reality television show - inevitably, she's on the Mail website again.

But as she's posing in lingerie, it gives the infamous Daily Mail Reporter chance to have a go at her weight. Not that they cared when she they were leering over her wrestling, in her bikini, in oil.

At 5ft 5, and 9 stone, Reade is, according to height/weight charts, the recommended weight for her height.

But the Mail knows best. They accuse of her having


and a

rounded tummy.

She doesn't have either. Is it even possible to describe a nine-stone twenty-year-old as having 'blubber'? Nonetheless, they sneer, she:

was still handed the chance to model Ann Summers underwear.

The use of the word 'still' in that sentence is as if the Mail can't believe someone they think is so unsightly can be an underwear model.

And yet, somehow, that doesn't stop them using four pictures of her in her pants (plus three others from her time on Big Brother).

They mention she was 7st 11 before her Big Brother stint, which puts her on the cusp of being under-weight. But that seems to be how they like their girls, because going from that weight to 9 stone means she has:

piled on more than a stone

and her weight has


Just so we can all see what the Mail clearly thinks is an unacceptable weight, here's Sophie's 'blubbery' tummy:

Clearly Sophie should be more like Kim Kardashian, who was back on the Mail website today with her two sisters.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians sure is hard work

the article begins, although the Mail website tries its best to keep up with every pointless move they make. The 'news' this time? They were at the opening of a cupcake shop.

Martin 'news is far more important to us than showbiz' Clarke must be so proud.


  1. I totally agree, no way has she become less attractive, I would fight the peeps who say otherwise, she is more attractive and better looking now than before. You saw how beautiful her face was in comparison to before.

  2. Here's a possibility, produced by a mind that may be over-stressed, over-suspicious and illogical: the personable Miss Reade might have had breast-enhancement surgery for reasons of professional ambition, which she could be hiding with premeditated weight gain that is intended to be temporary. We are perhaps expected to believe that her bust-growth and her other measurement-expansions are all due to mildly increased appetite. By the time her body-mass hypothetically goes down to whatever she wants it to be, the "news" and entertainment media will conceivably have lost interest in her bust-expansion. Whatever the facts, she certainly doesn't look gross to *this* male.


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