Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Patronising headline of the year?

A new study by the University of Kent claims date rape drugs are an urban myth. The study's sample - 200 students - seems quite small for such a sweeping statement, but the conclusion suits the Mail just fine, because it can blame alcohol for women being raped, rather than rapists.

But whatever the pros and cons of the study, did the Mail really need to treat the story so flippantly by putting this unbelievably patronising headline on it:


  1. that is just so horrible. too horrible for words.
    as someone who knows people who have been drugged and attacked...words fail me.
    the study of 200 people seems absurdly small for something that effects women all over the world.

    just what we need - another headline that blames women for rape instead of the rapists that rape.

  2. There are no depths to which this vile rag will not sink. Shame on them.


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