Monday, 5 October 2009

Sun calls singer 'huge'; she isn't

'Mariah Carey is a huge star', sneers The Sun, in an article so pointlessly critical about a famous person's weight it could easily have appeared on the Mail website.

'Three dancers struggle to lift Mariah Carey,' it says, illustrated with this picture:
Which shows two lifting her quite easily.

The accompanying words read:

Wow, MARIAH CAREY seems to have put on some serious timber judging by these pictures.

I feel for the three dancers straining to lift the diva's junk-laden trunk...

Looking at the combined muscle the blokes had to use to hoist her off the ground, it might be better for Mariah to stick to floor routines from now on.

She's getting too heavy to Carey.

Nice. Of course, just a quick look at that pic shows Carey isn't anything like as 'heavy' or 'huge' as they make out.

Indeed, they admitted as much a couple of weeks ago, when they wrote:

the singer was on fine natural form at a screening of her new movie Precious in Toronto last night.

Clad in a black dress highlighting her actual boobs, Mariah proved she doesn't need computer geeks to make her look hot.

Still, got to make a narrative out of the photos they have bought somehow.


  1. Spot on!
    As objectionable a human being as Ms Carey may be there's NOTHING wrong with her body. :-D

  2. In addition, unless they're proposing one of the singers has telekinetic powers, there's actually only two struggling to lift her...

  3. News just in: Sun "journalists" are so illiterate they cannot even count to three.

  4. Just about sums up Tabloid journalism, can't even get facts write when they are right in front of them.


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