Sunday, 21 February 2010

Ban Twitter users from voting, says Mail columnist

Last week, Amanda Platell wrote about the non-existent Government immigration 'plot' in her Mail column. She said:

Thanks to newly revealed documents, we learn it was a deliberate act to make the country more multi-cultural (and thus more likely to vote Labour).

Platell complaining about immigrants coming here to affect the outcome of elections? Seems odd, given she's an immigrant from Australia who was an advisor to William Hague and worked to get the Conservatives elected in 2001.

But you don't really go to Platell for common sense or intellectual rigour.

And this week, she surpassed herself:

A survey purports to show that many more people would vote in a General Election if they could do so on Twitter. In a civilised democracy, the idiots who use Twitter should be banned from voting altogether.

Yes, because everyone knows that the mark of civilised democracies is that they arbitrarily ban thousands of people from voting for no reason whatsoever.

How much do the Mail fork out for such dim, juvenile observations?

Previously, she had dismissed Twitter as:

the domain of the inane, the insane and the desperate.

Platell - like all Mail columnists - has to be a professional hater. Everything's crap, everyone needs to be criticised, nothing is ever any good.

Particularly Twitter, because a) it's modern; and b) it was all nasty about Jan Moir boo hoo hoo.

Never mind that the Mail constantly uses Twitter for celebrity gossip and other stories.

Never mind that people such as Oscar-nominated Thick of It creator Armando Iannucci uses Twitter. Let's not celebrate his achievements. Let's call him an insane idiot who should be disenfranchised instead.

Still, good job the newspaper Platell writes her drivel for is above all this Twitter nonsense.

And to see exactly how much they hate it, go to their Twitter feed at @mailonline.


  1. What a complete fool. I wouldn't ban this though, I would hope they would print it on every page of the Mail, it highlights just how stupid she is, how stupid the agenda she pushes is and how ridiculous the litany of double standards and hypocrisy the paper she writes for continues to print.

    Great article MacGuffin.

  2. "Professional haters". So true.

    I like "In a civilised democracy, the idiots who use Twitter should be banned from voting altogether". Yes, because obviously one of the main hallmarks of a civilised democracy is the disenfranchisement of huge groups of people for no good reason whatsoever.

  3. WHAT? WHAT????

    That is all.

  4. At the risk of looking like I'm playing devil's advocate for the sake of it,, isn't this a little excessive for what, on the face of this article(buggered if I'm giving the Mail a needless hit), is a stupid throwaway comment about the pit on inanity that comprises 99% of Twitter?

  5. I have to say I agree with Neil on this one. I've often seen light hearted comments on discussion boards saying 'no-one who watches Jeremy Kyle/reads the express etc show be allowed to vote'. This is surely just a light hearted quip in amongst a whole shower of shite.

  6. I'm not sure Amanda really does "light hearted quips", except ones covered in bile.

    Surely this an extenstion of the Mail's whole anti-facebook/twitter/anything on the internet thing.

  7. "In a civilised democracy, the idiots who use Twitter should be banned from voting altogether"

    Quote of the year to be honest.


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