Friday, 26 February 2010

Followed by the....what?

Yesterday, a homophobic comment on the Mail website, which crept through while moderation was switched off, somehow avoided being deleted.

But this comment was moderated and approved for publication:


  1. Who the fuck says negro anymore? Is Lethal Wombat from the nineteenth century? Christ on a bike.

  2. That is shocking, even for the Mail website. Considering the moderators are so sharp to cut any sensible comments they seem to 'miss' an awful lot of racist comments...

  3. I think my favourite comment is

    What a splendid old duffer. However you cannot have bearded loonies slapping youth around so best put the old crackpot in the stocks and throw trash at him.
    - Carlotti, Spain, 21/2/2010 10:20

    with a current rating of -30


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