Wednesday, 3 February 2010

It's Tabloid Watch's birthday

Tabloid Watch has been going for exactly one year.

And after 579 posts it's clear some things never change.

For example, the first article this blog looked at was in The Sun and revealed that a 'Sky psychologist' had:

found a mix of bright colours, laughter and music can help lifts Brits from their winter gloom.

And where did this psychologist recommend gloomy Brits get this 'laughter and music' from?

Sky HD, of course.

And two days ago, The Sun was at it again. 'Fans thrilled by the first 3D telly in pubs' revealed:

An amazing telly revolution kicked off yesterday - football screened in 3D.

Fans who packed nine pubs for the ground-breaking trial were gobsmacked by the coverage.

Who could be responsible for this 'thrilling', 'gobsmacking', 'ground-breaking' 'revolution'?

Sky HD, of course:

And viewers across the country will be donning special specs too when Sky HD beams the cutting-edge pictures nationwide from April.

You would almost think The Sun has some vested interest in running ads-as-editorial for Sky...

(Hat-tip to Martin Burns)


  1. I think the best example of how some things never change is the Express page three story (and accompanying editorial and plug on the masthead) complaining about how the EU is calling for English milk jugs to be banned.

    Turns out the story is actually about a study conducted by some Spanish students who found that milk stored in open containers is likely to have plenty of dangerous bugs lurking in it and suggested that such pots should be banned. Nothing to do with the EU at all.

    Still, thanks for fighting the good fight, happy birthday and all that.

  2. The mock up in the Star today of Katie and Alex's wedding ("exclusive photo", which was actually a mock up).

    Is it me or did they use Jade Goody's body to plonk Katie price's head on?

  3. Happy birthday!

    Did you get a cake?

  4. Here's wishing you plenty more years Tabloidwatch!


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