Friday, 5 February 2010

Mail's latest faux outrage

Too rude for TV? Billie Piper bleats like a sheep for perverted client in Belle de Jour's latest distasteful call girl adventure. So says the Daily Mail website. In full 'high horse' mode.

And it wasn't just 'perverted' and 'distasteful' but:




Nice to see Daily Mail Reporter knows where the Mail's office thesaurus is kept.

Good job, too, that only 650,000 people watch the show and the details of this 'disturbing' scene aren't too widely known.


In white lingerie and a pink robe, Belle is confident that she will soon remind him of what he has been missing.

Talking to camera, she says: 'It's so sad when they're like that. Give me an hour with him, he'll be a new man.'

But as the action hots up, Simon reveals he has a penchant for the farm yard - or rather pretending to be an animal.

He says: 'Let's do it like dirty dogs. You dirty cow. You little pig. You dirty, dirty, dirty goat.'

Belle obliges him, replying: 'I'm so dirty. I'm a goat. I'm a chicken. I'm a dirty ewe.'

In a scene which becomes increasingly humiliating, she has to fulfil the wish of her paying customer when he asks her to 'bleat like a sheep'.

It sounds so ridiculous that it must surely have been played for laughs. Does the uptight Mail not realise that?

Clearly not, because Daily Mail Reporter has taken it all very seriously, pretending to be outraged while also giving every 'perverted' detail of what happened and even included a screenshot of Piper during this 'distasteful' 'romp'. Along with three other pictures of her not wearing very much.

The article says:

As a high-class call girl, there is nothing that Belle de Jour won't do for money.

As a low-class website, there is nothing that MailOnline won't do for hits.


  1. Given their own distaste for Jonathan Ross, it's also pretty surprising that they use quotes from Billie that she made on Ross's Friday Night show a couple of weeks ago! I notice they make no mention of that...

  2. They do mention Wossy, actually. Apparently the menace of Billie Piper is a big enough threat to forget their problem with him.

  3. Malcolm Armsteen5 February 2010 at 15:38

    That scene was shown in the 'Billy meets Belle' programme last week. It is definitely played for laughs!
    So not only high horse, moral outrage, selective memory, also complete and utter sense of humour failure. Intentional, of course.

  4. FGS. At least rags like the Sun and Star are honest about their desire to print pictures of scantily clad young women. The Mail has to dress it up (no pun intended) in moral outrage.

  5. Working in the press office of a TV company - when desperate for coverage (any coverage) for a dull or programme that lacked any news worthiness - we would simply call the Daily Mail. It was an absolute joke as we often used to feign shock at content and informing them that we were "tipping" them off as concerned fellow guardians of morality. Inevitably and all too predictably the Mail would bit and run with it. An absolute joke.


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