Monday, 8 February 2010

Ogling Miranda Kerr

During a live interview on Australian television, a bank worker was spotted behind the interviewee looking at pictures of model Miranda Kerr.

It's an incident that would probably give Dennis Norden a chuckle, but is it worth three articles on the Mail website in four days?

The Mail clearly had sympathy with the (ahem) embarrassed banker. After all, how could it possibly lecture anyone about ogling pictures of Miranda Kerr?

In the first article about the incident, on 2 February, the Mail included two pictures of Kerr wearing very little. Just so you too could see the photos the 'hapless worker was feasting his eyes on'.

But regular Mail website watchers wouldn't have needed the reminders. They had published those same two pictures, with two others from a GQ shoot, on 30 January.

Which was a handy reminder for those who missed the very same pics in a Mail article about the very same shoot on 21 January.

And then there was the eighteen bikini photos spread across two articles on 26 January.

Perhaps the Mail could explain how much 'ogling' goes on in their offices when they're wondering which photos of nearly-naked women to publish?


  1. I had heard about this news story that was gripping the world and attracting thousands of YouTube hits. Having just watched the clip, I have to say I very much doubt that the great Denis Norden would have found it very chucklesome. Is this really the best we can do now or are our journalists just sat around in offices writing any old rubbish about anything that comes to hand easily on the telly, the internet or press releases? Lamp

  2. The guy was set up by his work colleagues, who kept sending the emails witht the picture, so everytime he opened a new one the picture would flash up, then he had another email just saying "look behind you". Funny, but not "news worthy" Nice lady though.


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