Monday, 15 February 2010

News of Greece's budget deficit, from Page 3 of the Sun

When The Sun broke the story of Vernon Kay's 'sex-text' exchanges with a Sun Page 3 girl (purely a coincidence...), a lot of cycnics probably thought the married 35-year old was only interested in the blonde topless model, 12 years his junior, for one reason.

The cynics were, apparently, wrong. Rhian appeared on the Sun's Page 3 last Thursday and revealed a surprising knowledge of European monetary policy and Greek history:

Of course, there may be other cynics who believe Rhian never said any such thing and the above quotes (and lame jokes) are as completely invented by Sun journalists as every other 'News in Briefs'.

Or copied from Wikipedia as with Keeley's views on the Large Hadron Collider, and Katie's (20, from Birmingham) medical knowledge of bunions.

It is odd that every Page 3 girl seems to agree with the Sun on every issue going. Here, Rhian is clearly coming out against the euro. When the Sun switched allegiance to the Conservatives back in October 2009, Keeley declared 'her' support for David Cameron too.

There's many more examples of The Sun's Page 3 propaganda at Bloggerheads.

The aim of News in Briefs is, presumably, to make the Page 3 models appear informed about the issues of the day, thus making them seem more than young women who get their kit off. But by failing to let them speak for themselves, they end up reinforcing the impression that, as Tim Ireland says, they're being exploited rather than empowered.

For more, the News in Briefs website has every comment since the start of 2009.


  1. Oh come on. You are usually spot on, but get a sense of humour. I don't think anyone seriously believes these are the opinions of page 3 models - perhaps that's the joke?

  2. Anonymous - I think that is the joke, and I think that's what makes it more insulting actually - that "everybody knows" page 3 models have no brains so couldn't possibly have said the things credited to them. The Sun is kind of sneering at them by making a joke out of claiming they have said stuff which "clearly" they are far too thick ever to have really said.


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