Friday 19 February 2010

The Express: recycling its rubbish

Regular readers will know how the Express likes to repeat things - Diana, Madeleine McCann, weather, fury, chaos, now..., asylum seekers, Muslims, health scares, miracle cures and so on.

But Paul Thomas, their staggeringly inept cartoonist, has taken this recycling a little too far.

Here's his effort about Tiger Woods today:

Any resemblance to Woods, Cheryl Cole, microphones, press conferences or humour is entirely coincidental. And no, it's not clear why he puts vibrating lines around everyone.

But, as Fozzy on the Mailwatch Forum pointed out, wasn't this just a tad similar to his effort from 1 December 2009:

And the Express claim he's 'Political Cartoonist of the Year'...

(Big hat-tip to the good folk at the Mailwatch Forum for their great work. A daily destruction of Paul Thomas' work can be found there and is a must-read.)

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