Saturday, 20 February 2010

Stunning exclusive from the Mail

Here's a dismal attempt by the Mail to make a scare story out of two unrelated incidents, which at time of writing is the second story on their website:

Fay Schlesinger's pitiful article ends with the inevitable 'truth' quote:

Mrs Haque's 1999 T-reg Yaris was produced six years before the 2005 to 2010 models currently being recalled...

A Toyota spokesman confirmed that Mrs Haque's vehicle was not involved in the current recall.

He added: 'The accelerator mechanism on that vehicle is completely different.

'It is a cable rather than an electrical mechanism.'

And from the Toyota website:

Toyota models registered before 2005 are not affected.

So the Mail are reporting that a Toyota was involved in a car crash several years ago and a woman was badly hurt. This one could run and run...

[UPDATE: A comment from someone claiming to be the woman's husband has been left on the Mail article. It's been posted below by DBC and also points out the story is nonsense.]


  1. One of the comments to the Mail article is this:-

    "Hi, I'm Farhana's husband, and have just read this article for the first time.

    A number of errors: the accident did not take place on a straight road. I don't know why the journalist has written here that it did (as for one thing this gives rise to the obvious question, How do you crash on a straight road?). It would have been very easy for her to have found out, instead of just making something up as she has done.

    I completely agree that this probably doesn't have anything to do with the current Toyota problems. Although the car did suffer from the problem of the floor mat getting stuck under the pedals, Farhana knew about it and moved the mat each time she drove.

    The police did conduct a full accident investigation at the time, which found absolutely no faults on the car. (They did this because for about 1.5 weeks it was possible that Farhana might have died.) Why did the journalist not include this inconvenient little fact in her article?

    - Ben Smith, Bletchingdon, UK, 20/2/2010 13:43

  2. It now says, "no comments so far have been submitted" right next to "comments (97)"


  3. I hate The Daily Mail. Unfortunately we have the the Race Relations Act to blame for forcing it to go off spreading its toss on subject matter that, under its ideal circumstances, it would have no earthly interest in


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