Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Star apologises for front page lie

Back in December, this blog questioned several more Daily Star front page headlines which bore little resemblance to either the story that followed, or the truth.

This included 'Macca versus Mucca on ice', from 23 December. It was accompanied by pictures of Heather Mills and Paul McCartney and was clearly suggesting these two were going to be on the new series of Dancing on Ice. In fact, it was the daughter of McCartney's first cousin once removed and (surprise) not the ex-Beatle who was going to be twirling about in TV dance contest.

And so to today's apology. As this was a major front page story, the apology should have appeared on the front page too. It didn't:

Our December 23 Page One headline 'Macca Versus Mucca On Ice' may have been taken to mean that Heather was to compete against her former husband Sir Paul McCartney in television’s Dancing on Ice, so reigniting the family feud.

As the article stated it is Sir Paul’s second cousin Emily Atack, who is a competitor. In fact she and Heather Mills are on very good terms.

We apologise for this misleading article and any distress we may have caused.

Yes, 'may have been taken to mean...' All entirely accidental, of course. Just like when they (ahem) accidentally implied Peaches Geldof was a prostitute.

They couldn't possibly admit it was - like almost every front page they produce - cynically designed to be an eye-catching headline with not a shred of truth behind it?

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