Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Another Express story results in pay-out

The Express has dipped its grubby hand into its deep pockets to pay damages to footballer Michael Owen after an article claiming his career was finished. MediaGuardian reports:

Owen's solicitor, John Kelly, told Mr Justice Eady that it falsely alleged that Premier League clubs did not want to sign him and, as a result of a lack of interest, he was on the verge of retiring from professional football at the end of the season.

Kelly said that the back-page article, entitled "Unwanted Toon striker at a cross roads, Finished at 29?", was accompanied by another headed "Owen ready for sad finale". "These incredulous allegations are entirely without foundation and were obviously extremely distressing, hurtful and damaging to the claimant."


Ian Helme, counsel for Express Newspapers, which has agreed to pay damages and Owen's legal costs, accepted that the allegations were false and without foundation and apologised for the distress, embarrassment and offence caused.

This adds to all the damages paid by the Express recently, outlined here. This after the Express' awful editor told the Commons Select Committee that 'in his 10-and-a-half years as editor there had been "few complaints against me" and "no major law suits."'

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