Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mail links death of mum to IVF

The Daily Mail has come up with a classic 'guilt by association' headline today, exploiting the death of a mother of four children at the same time.

The headline reads: Mother collapses and dies aged 40 as the IVF triplets she yearned for play nearby.

Why is the fact she has IVF triplets of any relevance to the story? Answer: it ain't. So why have they written it in that way? Indeed, the death of a 40 year old from a blood infection, while undoubtedly tragic, doesn't seem to be the type of story that national papers usually rush to print at all.

One of the comments left (by anna lang) has suggested: 'Before having IVF, proper checks to should be in place to check health of mother'. This is currently rated at -672 and others have piled in to attack her and say it had nothing to do with IVF. Good for them. Shame on the Mail.

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