Saturday 27 June 2009

Dacre - earning double the BBC DG's salary

The BBC-hating Mail was obviously going to leap on Auntie's expenses, eventhough, as Septicisle pointed out, they weren't actually that scandalous.

One claim it has leapt on is that DG Mark Thompson spent £2,236 to charter a plane to fly him and his family back from holiday when the Sachsgate row broke. A row entirely concocted by, umm, the Daily Mail. And then the Mail and its columnist Stephen Glover attacked Thompson for being 'slow to respond to the furore'. Then when he does fly home to deal with it, that's wrong too. As if any Mail journos and executives travel anywhere at their own expense...

Its editorial on 26 June fumes:

But lavishing six-figure sums and huge expenses accounts on executives who air repeats, vacuous reality TV, puerile comedy littered with four-letter words and are happy to employ Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand? That really sticks in the craw.

Really? Mail Editor-in-Chief Paul Dacre received an 8% pay rise last year, so he 'received £1.62m in salary and cash payments for the year to 28 September 2008'. His expenses tab is unknown. Meanwhile, 'star' columnist Richard Littlejohn is said to receive a salary of £800,000 a year.

Lavishing six- and seven-figure sums on executives who print repeats, vacuous daily updates about reality TV, hate-filled articles about minorities and are happy to employ Richard Littlejohn?

Now that really sticks in the craw.

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