Saturday, 20 June 2009

Mail and BNP and Roma (cont.)

The Mail has done a 'special investigation' on the chasing out of Romanian families from their Belfast homes. The headline, however, rather gives the game away: As hate-filled mobs drive Romanian gipsies out of Ulster, we ask who's REALLY to blame?

And before you can say 'the hate-filled mobs' the Mail has the 'REAL''s the fault of the Romanians themselves. Because, apparently, they are all criminals - including that five day old baby no doubt - and so deserved it:
Opinion has been the crimes the police and locals agree some of the Roma commit...a wave of petty crime that has swept Belfast over the past two years — the period in which the Roma have arrived.

The crimes, confirmed by police, range from ‘mobbing’ elderly ladies at cashpoint machines, distracting them while they steal cash, to using razor blades to slice the straps of handbags and disappear with possessions before anyone knows.

Roma have also been linked with prostitution and people trafficking.
British police said last year that they were struggling to cope with a staggering 800 per cent increase in crimes, such as pickpocketing, committed by Romanians since they started coming to Britain in large numbers.

Now that sounds familiar. Here's an excerpt from the BNP's 17 June press release 'BNP Leader Condemns Belfast Anti-Gypsy Violence and Immigration Policy Which Allows It to Happen':
“We also have to bear in mind that the Gypsy community is notorious for its extremely high rate of criminality and anti-social behaviour. Everyone in Romania and Eastern Europe knows this and it is one reason why their governments are so keen to encourage them to come over here,” Mr Griffin said.

While there are no recent figures available for Gypsy crime in Belfast, British police went on record in February 2008 as saying that they were struggling to cope with an 800 percent rise in crimes committed by Romanian Gypsies in Britain.

Now it goes without saying if there are more members of a certain community, then there is likely to be more crime committed by them. But notice the BNP states there are 'no recent figures for Gypsy crime in Belfast'. And remember the raids on the so-called Fagin gangs which was on the front of the Mail which turned out not to be true, but which nonetheless fed an urban myth?

So all the Mail relies on is heresay from angry locals who say things such as: 'foreigners should be burned out of their f****** homes' and are not challenged on that by the reporter.

Moreover there is also something inherently racists about the way the journalist Andrew Malone quotes one of the Roma: 'Romania no job. Belfast job. But ten persons come. They drink. They broke in the house. They no good.’ Generally speaking, reporters will tidy up ANY quotes they have. But they haven't done it here - as if to emphasize his lack of fluent English. They're not like 'us', see?

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  1. As far as I am concerned the Daily Mail is simply the "acceptable" front of the BNP. Same hate-filled bile, but with a codeword thrown in.


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