Friday, 5 June 2009

Same old homophobia from the Star

After calling a previous Big Brother contestant a 'fruit', the Star proves its homophobia once again with the nonsensical headline BB on massive bender. Which might be allowable if it was a reference to endless drinking. But it's not, it's about the various lesbian and bisexual contestants, particularly Freddie,

'a sleazy toff who once ran a GAY SEX website'.

It goes on:

Sleazy entrepreneur who once set up a sordid gay escort website...The x-rated, promised to connect pervy individuals with £120-an-hour escorts. Services offered included “domination, fetish and role play”. Freddie, 23, and a pal were both advertised as escorts on the website, which is now closed down.

So not only is he a 'bender,' he's 'sleazy' and 'sordid'. Gay sex is so appalling to the Star it has to be highlighted in caps. Given that the paper is owned by someone who runs a collection of porn TV channels - which probably have plenty of girl-on-girl programming - it seems highly hypocritical.

And of course the Star would never encourage such 'pervy' behaviour.

Except, umm, it does.

In the 'Classified' section of the Daily Star website, you can see ads with titles such as 'Bend me over and spank my bum', 'Genuine Submissive Services', 'Thai girl massage' and 'London submissive girls'. And that's just on the first few of the 160 pages of 'service' ads.

Daily Star: homophobic hypocrites.

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