Monday, 8 June 2009

How tacky! But, phwoar, eh?

Kelly Brook is starring in the 3-D (insert your own innuendo here) remake of 70s horror classic Piranha.

If you read the Daily Mail, you would know this because it has done not one, not two, but three stories on the film. All in the last week.

Today's story is headlined: Isn't that a bit tacky, Kelly? Miss Brook cavorts with a female porn star in her new film. The story says Kelly Brook has 'sunk to even lower depths' because she was 'cavorting with Riley Steele, a familiar name to fans of adult movies...Clad in nothing but a shiny red bikini and black heels, Kelly then tossed her hair as she danced around the deck of the boat'.

And just to show how 'tacky' this 'cavorting' (otherwise known as acting a party scene for a film) was the Mail helpfully includes four pictures of the two together, and three others of Brook in her bikini, on her own. Tacky indeed.

It even talks about Riley Steele's 'unsavoury' career, which might seem a bit rich from an organisation that was plugging Playboy only two days ago.

But all this is just another excuse to use some pictures of Kelly Brook in a bikini. Paul Dacre seems to have a crush, because it's not the first time - a quick search finds examples in April 09, April 09, March 09, March 09, August 08, October 08, October 08, January 08, and January 08. Good for getting lots of hits to your website, which is what most of the Mail's picture stories seem solely designed to do.

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