Thursday, 4 June 2009

BB bullshit starts today

Big Brother starts its tenth tedious series today and so expect the red-tops to give it the usual blanket coverage. It is almost all the red-tops have stuck on their front pages this year - I'm a Celebrity, Jade Goody, Jordan and Peter Andre, then Susan Boyle.

The Star is the most reality TV obsessed and has a habit of writing stories that show little resemblance to the truth. So today's front page 'exclusive' headline screams: Big Bro is big con: All sixteen housemates are fakes. But the story, as written on their website, doesn't say any such thing:

The 16 wannabes who enter the house tonight will immediately be told they are not yet housemates, only guests, and have to earn the right to stay and battle for the £100,000 prize.

So it may be said that the contestants are being 'conned' into thinking they are housemates, when some may not be. But it doesn't justify the headline at all. Surprise.

In other Star bullshit news, they have claimed this series is going to be the 'cruellest' series yet and the housemates will be the 'sexiest ever...made up entirely of 18 to 22 year olds'. This sounds like hoary old cliches they write every year (one example I can find is two years ago). We'll see about that 18-22 year old claim...

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