Thursday, 4 June 2009

Leona Lewis is 'newly' curvaceous, has been for 17 months

The Mail's latest target for their 'which famous woman can we pick on about their look' appears to be Leona Lewis.

The 'story' was originally headlined Leona Lewis' tight fitting top shows the strain as she prepares to jet out of LA but that was changed to XXL Factor: Or how Leona Lewis boosted her profile in Hollywood by bulging out of her top.

As the last picture of the story shows, she's wearing a top that just about normal for 24 year old women. But she happened to get snapped leaning forward to pick up a magazine and so is accused of 'spilling' and 'bulging' out of her top. Which sounds like red-top phrases, but the Mail is happy to run with them. They claim it's to boost her profile in the US, but isn't the Mail giving her more publicity by running the pics in such a big way?

The rest of the story is total fluff too. It refers to her 'newly-curvaceous figure' (ie: 'she's fat'), that she 'cuts a much fuller figure' (ie: 'she's fat'), and 'It is not clear whether her enhanced cleavage is deliberate or the accidental result of California’s many fast-food attractions' (ie: 'she's fat and she may have had a boob job').

But back in February it called her 'voluptuous' when she arrived at the Grammys and her figure doesn't appear much different to now.

A puff piece interview the Mail did in October 2008 has an accompanying photo (the second down) looking quite 'curvaceous'.

In September 2008, the Mail reported she was looking 'decidely bustier' at an appearance in New York. 'It's not clear whether the look is temporary or permanent,' it sneered, despite seeming obvious she is wearing a push-up bra. They use an early pic of her wearing a dress and no bra to try and imply there's been some surgery.

And then back in December 2007, the Mail published pap shots of her on a beach. Guess what they decided then? She had 'flaunted her curvy body' and once again the pictures don't appear to show her looking much different to how she did a few days ago.

It appears the Mail buys these photos and gets somebody to construct a 'story' - based on the size of her boobs - hoping nobody will remember what they wrote a few months earlier.


  1. Exactly!!!!
    This article is SPOT ON!
    Leona Lewis is amazing and hasn't put much weight on at all. Yes she was slimmer in the X Factor, but since her return to the music industry in 2007 with her single Bleeding Love, she's stayed the same weight, maybe a few pounds lighter/heavier at times.

  2. Leona is not fat at all!!! Some women have more curves others less! I think she looks completely healthy and the right size for her body type!


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