Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Mail's new campaign

The Mail's ludicrous front page about wheelie bins (when will they drop this tiresome subject?) marks the launch of a new Not In My Front Yard campaign. The aim? 'To stop monstrous wheelie bins engulfing our streets'.

But is it? Because the Mail explains:

Now the Mail is calling on town halls to let council tax payers choose between wheelie bins, ordinary dustbins or biodegradeable bags.

But if wheelie bins are such a monstrosity, why does it want to give people the choice to keep them?

Its evidence is thin. It has taken a few selective snaps from around the country on collection days, when bins are inevitably more visible, as if to prove the problem. A load of black plastic sacks on a roadside would probably look quite bad too...

On the day Romanians have been forced from their homes in Belfast after a series of racist attacks, the Mail believes the most important issue to campiagn about is how bins look. Here's something for the Mail to try: something on anti-racism, to campaign against the BNP and the anti-immigrant attitudes that led to those attacks. That would be of far more value to people in this country, rather than campaigning against some sodding plastic boxes.

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