Saturday, 6 June 2009

Mail plugs Playboy - again

The Mail is giving another huge plug to Playboy, only two months after a previous free ad it ran for the soft-porn empire.

After the Jacqui Smith 'porn on expenses' affair, the paper wrote that the problem with porn was: 'women remain sex objects whose principle purpose is the sexual gratification of men'.

Playboy, it seems, doesn't count. In an article that feels like it should be wearing a dirty mac, the unnamed reporter reveals full details of the Playboy pics of a Big Brother contestant.

She 'leaves little to the imagination...In a series of racy shots, she reclines on a chaise longue wearing turquoise satin underwear and stockings, and brandishing a fluffy fan', it pants.

She 'entered the Big Brother house on Thursday sporting an eye-catching yellow dress, with her cleavage on full display', it drools.

'Sophie, whose bra size is 30 GG, did her first topless shoot aged 18', it leers, temporarily forgetting it's objection to the Miss Teen Queen UK contest.

Then, it gets really worrying. Given the article was posted at 02.24AM, there is a sentence towards the end with such a curious linguistic error in, it could almost have been typed - ahem - one-handed:
Ignoring the fact the Mail is trying to make something sexual out of getting undressed for bed (such repressed people in Middle England...), the 'won off' instead of 'one of' is very odd. It then gives the link for the Playboy UK site so you can go there and...well, who knows what 'Daily Mail Reporter' did on the Playboy site at two in the morning.

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