Wednesday 23 September 2009

Corrections round up

The Sun has issued a second clarification for the 'hit list' story - and it includes an actual apology:

Our story on January 7 about a 'hit list' of top British Jews on the website was based on claims by Glen Jenvey who last week confessed to duping several newspapers and Tory MP Patrick Mercer by fabricating stories about Islamic fundamentalism.

Following Mr Jenvey's confession, we apologise to for the article which we now accept was inaccurate.

And the Sun's stablemate the News of the World has apologised and paid money to charity over pictures of Fabio Capello on holiday. The Mail has done the same after re-printing the photos a day later. MediaGuardian reports that it:

understands that it would have been difficult to mount any defence against a privacy action brought by Laura Capello, who has never sought publicity.

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