Thursday, 24 September 2009

Martin hearts the Sugababes too

MailOnline Editor Martin 'news is far more important to us than showbiz' Clarke is at it again.

In the past week he has published two more pictures of Kim Kardashian (here and here) and included another entirely pointless mention of her in this story which is actually about someone else, but manages to drag her in anyway. Luckily, the fascinating article where she met Mel B included one of Kim's groundbreaking tweets, just so we know why the Mail is so obsessed with her:

'Just touched down in Vegas! Going to Pink’s Hot Dogs! YUM! Wow Cupcake's & Hot Dog's in one day!'

OK, maybe we don't.

But Kim better look out because it seems Martin has his eyes on some other half-dressed young ladies. You would imagine that any article which includes 20 photos, and a video report, would be something of significance.

After all, the story on the razing of the Calais Jungle - a subject so close to the Mail's heart - had 17 pics and a video.

What could possibly be more important to the Mail than that? What piece of earth-shattering news is this?

Errr, well, it's that one woman has left a pop group and another woman has taken her place.

Of course, it's especially handy that the new line-up of the Sugababes are doing a very photo-friendly video shoot dressed in leather. Look - you can see their cleavage! Look! You can see their bums! In leather! This pic even has the 'enlarge' option so you can blow it up and, ahem, enjoy it in more detail. Why pick that particularly photo, one of only two which can be enlarged?

Yesterday, Anton posted on the Mail's pervy story about the dresses of Countdown's Rachel Riley, which included the immortal line:

Sometimes it seems like the Mail writes like a sex-crazed old codger having a lazy wank under a tartan blanket.

Too right.

These two leering articles on the Sugababes and Riley appear on the very same day as Terence Kealey, from Buckingham University, said that female students who 'flaunt their curves' should be enjoyed on a 'look but don't touch basis' as a 'perk' of the job.

The Mail reported on the 'outrage' his comments caused and note he has:

been attacked by student groups for showing an 'astounding lack of respect for women'. Others have accused Dr Kealey, who is married, of appearing to satirise harassment...his brand of 'humour' was met with disgust.

So the Mail and its website - both run by middle aged men - can include many, many photos of women bending over in leather and it isn't a 'perk', it is 'news'. Another middle-aged man comments on looking at girls who are 'flaunting their curves' and he's a pervert who doesn't respect women.

That might sound a bit like hypocrisy.

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