Monday 14 September 2009


Anyone who was a regular reader of the Vickywatch blog will see not much has changed at The Sun's Bizarre column. Vicky Newton had a habit of stealing stuff from other celebrity gossip websites, or claiming stories were exclusives when other journalists were reporting the same thing.

It seems current Bizarre editor Gordon Smart has learnt all of Newton's lazy tricks. On 11 September he wrote:

I have been concerned about the whereabouts of H from STEPS for a while. Luckily Bizarre's biggest fan, Ross Allan, from Minathort, Scotland, has found him. It's a bit of a Tragedy really. Here's the camp little Welsh fella, buried at the side of a B-road somewhere in east London.

It accompanied by this (quite funny) photo:

But it was ever so slightly funnier the day before, when the same pic was in the Popbitch newsletter and posted on their website.

And Popbitch left out the needless reference to H's sexuality.

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