Wednesday, 16 September 2009

How they are related

Today's Daily Star front page is a classic for the dismal rag. Firstly, it has Jordan on the front. Secondly, it is completely misleading. Here's the headline:

And here's the first line of the story:

Troubled Kate Price yesterday sparked a showbiz whodunnit, saying she was raped by a “famous celebrity”.

Spot the difference?

While she has claimed a sleb raped her, she hasn't said who it was. She has not 'named' anyone.

And so the Star's totally misleading suggestion that it has the name is - inevitably - revealed as bullshit.

The story goes on to draw parallels with Ulrika Jonsson, who also claimed she was raped by an unnamed sleb, who was then 'named' as John Leslie. The Star says:

There is no suggestion that Leslie is the person Kate has accused of attacking her.

Because obviously it wouldn't want to give the wrong impression, after mentioning Leslie four times in the article.

The other notable thing about the story is that Jordan's rape claims have appeared in OK! Magazine. And don't Star readers know it:

Police could now be gearing up to question 31-year-old Jordan about the “rape” after she told all to OK! magazine...

Kate told OK!...

Kate told OK!...

She told OK!...

For the full interview and pictures see the latest issue of OK! magazine – on sale now.

That's five references in just over 800 words.

Anyone would think that the Richard Desmond-owned Star had some interest in advertising the Richard Desmond-owned OK!.

Not that Desmond would ever have his 'newspapers' doing advertising-as-editorial. Well, not for a fifth time anyway.

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