Tuesday, 1 September 2009

BNP repeats Mail's racist story on immigrant 'killers'

Predictably, the BNP have posted their version of the Daily Mail's disgusting One out of every five killers is an immigrant story. 'Immigration is literally killing us' is once again a complete cut-and-paste job and leaves out comments such as:

The figures showed foreigners were also more likely to be victims of murder or manslaughter.

This is buried deep in the Mail story. Why is that not a major story? Could it because the Mail might then have to deal with what causes people to hate and murder immigrants?

Incidentally, the figures the Mail uses - already proved to be bollocks by 5CC - are based on people:

accused or convicted of murder or manslaughter

The BNP makes no such distinction on this point, and although the Mail includes that caveat, it ignores it. Surely including people who were only 'accused of' a crime along with people actually 'convicted' makes the figures worthless.

Or even more worthless.

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