Sunday 27 September 2009

Some questions for the Mail on Sunday

Firstly - why is it that in your eyes, every illegal immigrant is a lying, deceptive, criminal or would-be terrorist, except this one? Is it just because this one might bring down a member of the government?

Second - why don't all illegal immigrants in your paper get photographed in nice gardens and backlit with sunshine, like this one?

Third - why don't other illegal immigrants get referrred to as 'pretty' and 'clearly bright'?

Four - what exactly is the financial arrangement between you, Max Clifford and Loloahi Tapui? Surely the Mail on Sunday hasn't been giving money to an illegal immigrant?

Five - Is the Mail on Sunday worried that other would-be illegal immigrants might see British newspapers as a soft-touch in the wake of this arrangement brokered by Clifford, and this will in fact attract more illegal immigrants who imagine an easy life living off the over generous system of British tabloid chequebook journalism?

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  1. And your bonus question is in three parts:
    i) Who handles the cleaning of your offices?
    ii) Can they vouch for the immigration status of all their workers?
    iii) How many of your columnists employ illegal immigrants as domestic staff? (Liz Jones, I'm lookin' at you here.)


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