Tuesday 1 September 2009

The dangers of Facebook, part 97

The Mail is claiming a woman was killed because she changed her status on Facebook from married to single.

The story reveals:

The jury heard cracks began to appear in the couple's relationship due to financial problems after he lost his job. As a result, Hayley found work as a care assistant having previously stayed at home to look after their children.

The headline - Jealous husband 'murdered mother-of-four after she changed Facebook status to single' - just blames Facebook.

So that's Facebook giving you cancer, destroying your marriage, raising your insurance premiums, rotting your children's brains, making you fail exams, putting you in a coma, causing riots, making you commit suicide, promoting gangster culture and now causing you to be stabbed and strangled.

Unlike aspirin, it seems unlikely the Mail is going to change its mind on Facebook anytime soon.


  1. Meh, they're just jealous because either:

    a) The are a bunch of old farts who have only just fathomed out how to switch a computer on and play 'Solitaire' on Windows 95.

    b) They have found their way onto Face Book and nobody will friend them.

  2. According to the article, they weren't even married in the first place - Hayley was his "common-law wife".

    I do find it disturbing that they refer at the end of the article to research showing that women are "more likely to cheat in relationships than men". Are they trying to imply that this woman "cheated" her partner and somehow deserved her tragic fate?

    In the same way that many posters on yesterday's article, about teenage girls being abused by their partners, suggested that they deserved it, as a result of their "sluttish" behaviour?


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