Thursday, 3 September 2009

She's back!

Yes, St Diana of Still Dead is back on the front page of the Express after a 'top QC' fuels the conspiracy theories that the Express has always believed (thanks to Richard Desmond's friendship with Mohammed Al Fayed).

But there are two important things to remember about this 'top QC', who happens to be Michael Mansfield.

1. He represented Al Fayed during the inquest into the Paris car crash.

2. He's got an autobiography to flog.

Rather than read that garbage, look instead at the statements from the Express' NUJ Chapel over the proposed cuts of 70 jobs from the Express and Star titles.

"These jobs are burning on the bonfire of the chairman's vanity by taking Tom Bower to court," an Express NUJ chapel spokesman said. "Everyone's appalled and thinks that the Express titles could sink out of sight if these cuts go through."

And particularly damning is this:

"The chapel also demands a health and safety check of the second floor of 10 Lower Thames Street to address the problems of overcrowding; proximity of staff to noisy machinery such as photocopiers; filthy toilets and prevalence of mice," the chapel said.

Richard Desmond: a pornographer and liar who shouldn't be a newspaper owner.


  1. Jesus - that front page is bloody atrocious. It looks like a parody that someone's knocked together with Photoshop that looks a bit cack.

  2. When she was alive, I worked for a major regional (broadsheet) paper. A Diana pic on the front would boost the 80,000 circulation by at least 5,000. It's amazing that this logic still applies to senile Express readers 12 years on.


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