Saturday, 5 September 2009


Yesterday's post on Richard Littlejohn got lots of attention, spreading through Twitter messages from Richard Bacon, Andrew Collins and others. It meant a huge increase in traffic to the blog, which is probably the worst time for me to take a holiday. But I am off for several days away from the Daily Mail.

After seven months of very frequent posting, a break will be good. I do hope all the new readers will look back through the archives and still be here in a week or so.

In the meantine, as this blog is constantly pointing people to dreadful journalism, here's an example of some very fine investigative journalism: Trial by Fire: Did Texas execute an innocent man? by David Grann.


  1. Might be worth mentioning Reddit too, if you're interested in generating traffic:

  2. Thanks for this. Keeping tabs on the tabloids was once Anorak's slogan when it lived on Reuters. Now I'm trying to make it bigger. Want to be involved? Money is not in great supply (understatement), but you will get more readers... And... Well, if you're interested...

    Paul Sorene - contact on this page

  3. Can you do an entry on this story?

    This simply violates the laws of physics. And the only commenter who said so was the most voted down of all the commenters.


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