Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tony Parsons and Jack Tweed

The news that Jack Tweed has been charged with rape gives the tabloids plenty of opportunity to talk about St Jade. Again.

It will be interesting to see what Mirror columnist Tony Parsons makes of this news as back in March he was singing the praises of the thug in his article Tweed has turned his back on Jack the lad.

In recent weeks Tweed has spent the night with three girls from the same band, and been quoted saying he felt 'sick and dirty' when he had (got caught after) a one night stand. Now he stands accused of rape.

Parsons wrote about the man who has twice been sent to prison for violence:

He is far, far more than some dumb yob and is proving it every day...Wild boys who get into a few scrapes when they are young but who grow out of it.

Two prison sentences is 'a few scrapes'? With misty eyes he continued:

I don’t know Jack Tweed yet I feel that I recognise him.

And ended his ode:

Give the lad some credit. Before our eyes, the boy has become a man.


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