Monday 31 August 2009

Take aspirin! Don't take aspirin!

On previous occasions, the Mail has revealed how a daily aspirin could lower the risk of breast cancer, keep away heart attacks for the middle aged, slash the risk of heart attacks if taken at night, keep breast cancer at bay, cut the risk of pre-eclampsia, lower the threat of bowel cancer, stave off cancer and help victims survive, save thousands of loves, be a breakthrough on lung cancer, and suggested it may be a 'miracle cure'.

Less than two weeks after the breast cancer story from October 2008, it started to back track and said aspirin may do more harm than good.

Then in April 2009 it decided aspirin may cause brain bleeding. Two weeks after that story, it was back to cutting the risk of cancer in over 40s.

In May it repeated it may do more harm than good. And in August, it has now put it on the front page and repeated again that it could (but only could) be bad for you.

In sum - don't rely on the Mail for guidance on medical (or any other) issues.

And that goes the Express as well, who have done the aspirin flip-flop before. And who are reprinting 'miracle cure' press releases on their front page. Again.

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  1. You said:
    "don't rely on the Mail for guidance on medical (or any other) issues."

    I would have just used the first five words, the rest is obvious. It is a shame as a few years ago it used to be quite good.


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