Wednesday 22 July 2009

BNP joins Sun, Mail and Migrationwatch in spreading lies

Following on from the Mail and Sun, the BNP has added its view on the news that a limited number failed asylum seekers will be eligible for free NHS treatment. (The Express has covered the story too, although Macer Hall only put the figure at 'thousands' and while he did rely on quotes from Migrationwatch, he didn't use the 'one million' figure at all.)

It's titled '‘One Million’ Failed Asylum Invaders Get Free NHS Treatment', and although it keeps the figure in quotes, it doesn't for a second make clear it's a total guess:

British taxpayers will be forced to pay for the medical care of ‘a million’ failed asylum invader scroungers as from today
And it goes to acknowledge the source:

Independent think tank MigrationWatch has already responded by saying that the new move will open the floodgates to “up to a million illegal immigrants.” Migrationwatch chairman Sir Andrew Green said the rules gave the “green light” for illegal immigrants to get free NHS care.
Independent indeed. Still, Sir Andrew must be delighted his comments are receiving more coverage.


  1. Failed asylum invader scroungers? I don't think that even makes sense, it's just shoving random words together to make Mail-readers and BNP sympathisers as outraged as physically possible.

  2. Are they failing to invade? Failing to scrounge? Does "failing" to do something mean you should just die in a gutter somewhere? And how does "opening the floodgates" affect the ones who are already here? Ptui.

  3. The BNP always uses that random series of meaningless words because it does not believe there is such a thing as a genuine asylum seeker in the UK.


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