Friday, 31 July 2009

Mail moderators do the right thing for once

The Daily Mail have taken the unusual step of both deleting comments, then stopping any further ones, on the story Girl, 15, 'forced to marry illegal immigrant who then raped her and assaulted her little sister'.

The first line of the story, incidentally, claims 'Police are hunting a suspected illegal immigrant'. So is he an illegal immigrant, as the headline states definitively, or isn't he?

Earlier today, the messageboard included remarks such as one along the lines of 'just another day in the immigrant community' as if raping 15-year olds was an every day occurance among immigrants - and it was rated positive until it disappeared.

Could it be that the comments were becoming so unacceptable (given the uncertain legal position of the case) that even the Mail moderators were worried?


  1. I know I'm old in commenting this story. But I too have noticed on stories such as a teenager being stabbed they don't include the option to comment...especially if the victim is not of white origin.

  2. Anonymous - race doesn't come in to it. Generally they are (rightly) more reluctant to have comments on a story which involves a current (or future) court case. The Sun also stops comments being posted on such articles.


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