Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More on the Desmond case

Further coverage of the Richard Desmond case in the Express today - written by the same two journalists as yesterday's piece. Does the cash-strapped Express really need two journalists to cover this?

Again, the tone is utterly favourable to Desmond recalling his 'shock' and 'astonishment' at reading Bower's allegations.

Compare it to the version of events in the Independent. Somehow, certain bits of the proceedings are missing from the Express' account. For example:
  • Desmond being accused by Bower's lawyer of being prepared to 'tell lies at the drop of a hat';
  • Desmond suggesting letters sent by Bower to Desmond were never received and were in fact fake, until one of the letters - an undelivered, recorded item - turned up in court;
  • 'Mr Desmond denied receiving a memo from Michael Pilgrim, the former executive editor of the Sunday Express, complaining about his interference in the running of the paper, and said he did not know that Mr Pilgrim had been suspended after his memo was leaked and published in the Observer'.
Must be just a coincidence both Express journalists missed these questions.

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