Friday, 31 July 2009

Two more false stories Katie and Peter

The People has paid undisclosed libel damages to Peter Andre over untrue claims he made 'inappropriate sexual advances to a woman who looked like his estranged wife'.

Meanwhile, in other Jordan-related news, the Star was up to its old tricks yesterday, with its totally misleading front page headline. It's hard to believe people are still interested in this saga, but it must sell papers or they wouldn't bother. Anyway Jordan lover's £2m drug bust implied Alex Reid was involved in criminal activity. The first paragraph didn't dispel that impression:

Jordan's new lover Alex Reid was arrested and quizzed by police in a massive drugs ring bust centred on his gym, the Daily Star can reveal.

Except, half way through the story it admits:

the police soon realised Alex and others had nothing to do with drugs or crime.

Definitely worth a front page, that one.

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